Can you repair other brands of Tilt/Turn windows and doors?

Very likely. The Tilt/Turn window design has been around since 1920. The fit is very uniform and much of the hardware is quite compatible from brand to brand. Our modern hardware is retrofittable to most of the Tilt/Turn window and door brands commonly found in Alaska such as Alaska Window, Rehau, and Trocal.

Tilt/Turn windows and doors are designed to be maintained in place. They have a built-in means of adjustment that solves most operational problems. However, if the hardware has worn out or broken then replacing it is a fairly simple task. Contact us or use the info below to start selecting the parts you need.


Replacement Hardware

Tilt/Turn Hardware Specification Form

This guide will simplify measuring your Tilt/Turn window for a replacement hardware kit.

Hardware installation and adjustment

Roto Hardware Adjustment Guide

How to adjust Roto Tilt/Turn hardware.

Hardware Manuals

Roto Hardware Layout

Typical Roto Tilt/Turn hardware layout.

Siegenia Hardware Layout

Typical Siegenia Tilt/Turn hardware layout.