Cellular and Blackout Blinds

These are the best Blinds.

Fenstermann Cellular Pleated blinds are the best solution for covering Tilt/Turn and Fixed windows of any shape. This German patented treatment system operates bottom-up / top-down across the glass and is freely adjustable.

No strings will hang on the glass and distract your view to the outside.

Fabrics vary in opacity from translucent to full blackout. The array of colors, designs, and prints is vast. You can choose from over 400 different fabrics.

Multiple fabrics can be incorporated into the same blind. This allows for multiple creative options to suit all seasons.

We produce custom-made attachments such that the Blinds mount to our windows and doors in an identical fashion regardless of whether they are Opening or Fixed. The attachment clips are specially designed so as to not interrupt the weather seal.

Blinds can be pre-installed on new windows or added afterwards. The attachment only takes a few minutes per window.