Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have stock sizes?

No. All our windows and doors are made to your dimensions.

Do you make any other color than White?

All our windows are made done, painted, finished White. One of the strengths of our fiberglass frames is that they take paint very well. Many customers take advantage of this and paint the windows on the interior, exterior, or both. For this reason, we prep all of our windows for painting as a standard. This means that the glass will be masked-off, interior and exterior, making the painting process quite simple.

Who installs Great Land Windows?

We focus on building great windows and don't install ourselves. Customers are free to install our windows, or arrange the install, themselves. When asked, we recommend Keith Petersen at Alaska Window Installers (907-388-6628). He has installed many of our windows and doors and we consistently receive great feedback.

What do I need to know to get a quote?

  • To start, we would only need the following:
  • Sizes - Preferably the actual window frame size. Since we are focused on making the window frame we would rather work with the Actual Window Size than the slightly larger Rough Opening Size (RO - size of the hole in the house. The RO size will usually be about 1" larger than the Window size. This leaves adequate space for leveling and insulating around the edge of the window.). To estimate the costs we only need close measurements since the costs won't change much if you add or subtract and inch or two. Our tolerance is to the 1/16" so, in time, we would need accurate measurements to make them.
  • Preferred Operating Type - Tilt/Turn-Hopper or Casement-Awning or Fixed (non-opening picture). Each operating type has it's own list of Pros/Cons. It is best to tell us your preference. Many times, we can suggest an appropriate window type based on the dimensions or use. By default, we will usually give a price for Tilt/Turn windows since that is what most customers ask us to make for them. We can, of course, give a price for several operating types so you can compare.
  • Optional Information:
  • Hinge side for openers - This doesn't affect the cost but we will need to know before we start making them.
  • North, South, East, West Orientation - It is more energy efficient to use different configurations of LowE coatings as the orientation of the window changes. This is because the LowE coatings affect how radiant energy passes through the glass. Since the sun is the dominant source of "positive" radiant energy in Alaska, but primarily comes from the south, it makes sense to change the LowE configurations in response.
  • Layout for Multi-panel windows/doors - We can connect fixed and opening windows, into a single, joined unit, in just about any straight-line configuration. The layout or pattern is almost entirely up to you. The splits often reflect a symmetry but don't necessarily have to.

Useful Information

Insulated glass quality and performance

Cardinal Glass LowE Performance Data

We strickly use Double and Triple pane insulated glass units made by Cardinal Glass. This link details the performance of various unit configurations.

Cardinal Glass Manufacturing Process

This video shows the how Cardinal maufactures our triple pane glass units from start to finish. It also helps explains why the glass we use has, by far, the lowest failure rate of any double or triple pane glass made.

Cardinal SeaStorm Safety Glass

Cardinal SeaStorm is a super high strength Triple Pane laminated safety glass. This link demonstrates its strength.

Glass Facts

A fact sheet about LowE glass.

Installation and Adjusting

Cooperative Extenion - Building in Alaska-Windows

This publication by the UAF Cooperative Extenion has a lot of useful info regarding window selection and installation in arcic climates. HCM-04458

Tilt/Turn adjusting instructions

This describes the adjusting procedure for Tilt/Turn windows and doors.

Fiberglass Pultrusions


A partly formed fiberglass pultrusion

Pultrusion Schematic

This diagram shows the pultrusion process

Fiberglass pultrusion drop test

Pultruded fiberglass is tremendouly strong. This video dramatically compares its properties to other materials of similar size and shape.



Fairbanks, North Pole, Ester:

Alaska Window Installers - Keith Petersen (Owner) has installed over 1500 of our windows and doors. We continually receive excellent feedback from our customers.
email: Alaska Window Installers

Fairbanks, North Pole, Ester, Two Rivers:

Dave Olszowy has a thirty year history in the glass, glazing, and window testing industry. He has installed our windows and doors for many years and is requested by many repeat customers.
email: Dave Olszowy

Anchorage, Chugiak, Eagle River:

Homan Inc. - Chuck Homan (Owner) has been remodeling homes in the Anchorage area since 1978 and has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship.
website: Homan Inc.
email: Homan Inc.

Roller Screen manufacturers

Egress and other Building Code info

Egress Chart

A chart to determine which Width x Height combinations will satisfy egress requirements.

Egress (Fire Escape) Code

This link details the Egress window sizing code.

Safety Glass Requirements

This link details when Safety Glass is required in a window or door.

Building in the Arctic

GLW - "Super Window"

This write-up in the Alaska Building Science News details the actual installed performance of a window we provided to UAF Cooperative Extension's Rich Seifert.

Building Inspections, Heat Flow, and Thermal Imaging

Arctic Engineering

Tim Henry (Owner) is a Professional Engineer in Fairbanks with a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He has supplimented this with Graduate level Engineering courses in cold climate building science and Circumpolar Building Techniques courses through the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. He has worked with contractors on the design and construction of commercial and residential buildings and has significant experience as an inspector in Fairbanks and around the state. (907) 378-8210

Alaska Thermal Imaging

Emmett and Dayla hold a collection of Energy and Thermal Imaging certifications. They perform energy audits all over Alaska and are great people to contact for heat loss info.